The association “I.N.W.A. – Italian Neighbourhood Watch Association” is inspired to philosophy, aims, operatives and organizational criteria of E.U.N.W.A. – European Neighbourhood Watch Association, which is strictly linked. The Italian Neighbourhood Watch Association (INWA) is a non-profit organisation under Italian law, established in march 2018. INWA’s purpose is to act as umbrella organization for neighbourhood watch associations and similar organizations in various Italian countries pursuing the prevention of crimes through cooperation among their members and with the police and other relevant local institutions and authorities.
Its main purpose is developed initiatives to increase better conditions of freedom and security, real and shared, from all persons within National borders, with particular attention to pets, always more present inside Italian families.
Its framework is base on three pillars with the purpose to restore the social cohesion of citizens, delete environmental and behaviour vulnerability to avoid any types of illegal actions through a valid report to the Policy forces to guarantee the respect of law.
This association is kept by the Criminologist Francesco Caccetta, an expert with twenty years experience in sector of studies on Urban and Shared Security and crime prevention.
The INWA develops and spreads researches and studies on criminal phenomenon in order to instruct and help local administrations to develop initiatives to enhance security levels of urban and peripheral areas.
Moreover the association creates events and give support to neighbourhood watch activities organizing meetings and defying special profiles of local persons included in each community.
The INWA spreads culture of security through a dedicated web TV, website, social networks and an online magazine focused on communities projects and neighbourhood watch. The INWA has at its disposal a multidisciplinary team to realize scientific research, counselling and high level formation about Urban security themes.